My wife loves the lotion I made out of the Logan Leaf's CBD. She got sunburned a couple of weeks ago and I put your CBD mixed with lotion to her burnt upper arm areas. It was much better than aloe vera or anything else we've ever tried!

Devin from Hooper, Utah

I have a 10 yr old black labrador, her eyes were starting to cloud up, her legs were getting shaky and she was just not feeling the best due to her age. I had researched CBD for dogs and wanted to try it. I went into Logan Leaf and they had me start her on 500mg CBD oil and then dog treats with CBD. With in a few weeks, She was back!! Eyes cleared, no more shaking and she is running around like she is 5 yrs old again. Logan Leaf has an amazing product!!! Thanks for helping my Jade Angie – Wellsville, Utah

CBD for Dogs!

Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation.

Thomas from Virginia

I visited Logan Leaf showroom and luckily caught them in the middle of the harvest.  I was able to buy a bottle of their 1200mg CBD.  IT'S AMAZING!!!!!  That's all I can say.  :-)

Angie from Logan

I bought some CBD from Logan Leaf and can tell you it's the best oil I've ever tried.  I take it at night and have the most amazing sleep and vivid dreams waking up feeling rested.  I also notice I'm less sore after a hard day's work.  Hands down better than others I've tried.

Steve from Salt Lake City