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We have 360 clones that are ready to pot. These clones are cut from a beautiful Mom with great genetics. She was from a farm in California and is a strain very similar to Charlotte’s Webb, known for its calming properties (i.e. proven to control seizures). We have several high end cloning machines that make the cloning process very easy. The hardest part frankly is having room to put the new baby clones somewhere when they’re ready!

When we clone cannabis, we take cuttings from another really healthy female cannabis plant. We then make sure to cut the small cuttings just right, minimizing leaf coverage thus allowing the cutting to focus on pushing new roots. This process takes up to 2 weeks until the root structure is healthy enough to put the plant into soil. I should mention that our cloning machines are water-based and aeroponic. The water and air help stimulate new root growth on the otherwise plain stalk or stem of the small cutting.

Once the cuttings are potted indoors and grow a little under our lights, we then put them into the field on our farm. This one above is adjusting very well from indoor to out!

Our biggest challenge right now is trying to get 1,000 plants from indoors to the the farm. They vary in shape and size, but all are very healthy. Some plants are 5 feet tall, others only 6 or 7 inches. All of these have come from our recent cloning efforts to prep for the field. The field was planted by seed and we’re still watering those with pipe. Once we dig furrows between our rows and flood irrigate instead of sprinkler, then we’ll get all the clones safely into rows with the rapidly growing plants.

This week we’re delighted to have Suzy helping us. She’s a great friend and has been laser focused on getting rid of some of the weedier patches on the farm. She’s doing a great job!

Check out this beauty she rescued from weeds! These female plants will make amazing OILS!

The weather in Logan has been perfect this season. It rarely rains in the summer here, which farmers love. The water this year from the mountains is fresh and abundant as we enjoyed over 15 feet of snowpack in our mountains during the winter months.

Since all our products are pesticide-free, we are creatively working to keep the weeds out without any harmful chemicals. 🙂 Wish us luck and stay in touch! And if you want to come weed in exchange for future CBD, just let us know!

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