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This has been a busy Spring!  Getting the farm ready and working on new and exciting CBD products.  Selling and buying equipment.  A lot has happened since I last posted!

Let’s start with the most exciting news.  I added a well, septic and bathroom to our 10 acres!  I know that may seem like a small thing to some, but these three items, along with the new barn and power supply to the property we added last year, really change the property from “ag” to “commercial.”  With fresh ground water, we’ll be able to water seeds and plants more easily in the barn and in the greenhouse.   We can start as early as we want, right on the land, to get things growing.  Huge!

Of course, we also now have a bathroom (still under construction) we’ll be able to use!  Again, small to some, but when you’re working long days and nature can’t wait, this little luxury is an essential.

We’re going for a cool antique look.

A dear friend of ours gave us the old barn wood and metal tin.  I think it adds a really nice touch.

For the well, we were blessed to have Ferron Stokes drill it.  He was not only reasonable, but he also made time for our little project, where most other well drillers were booked out for 6+ months and expressed no interest in us.  Ferron was kind, hard working, friendly and overall just a delight to have.

Interestingly, when Ferron was finally done with our well, me and a friend were there as he was packing things up.  Strangely as we all  stood there, a large hawk flew up and landed on the telephone pole right next to us.  He sat there with a fresh mouse and unbothered by us in the least, he perched there and began to eat his meal, still very much alive.

We stood there all rather in shock, curious that this hawk just showed up and perched next to us.  We watched him for at least 10 minutes or so.  Eventually he completed his meal and flew off.

We all wondered what any of it might mean.  Even the less superstitious among us were very perplexed by this strange event.

I went home and did some research on hawks and learned a lot about what they represent.  Hawks symbolize leadership and confidence.  Among other things.

My friend who was with me went home to his little farm and said that in all his years of being in nature, he had never had something quite like that happen.  But then, two days later, the exact same thing happens to him at his little farm!  A hawk came out of nowhere, perches with a meal right near him and eats, undeterred.

That made things even stranger.

But, then last week on Memorial Day, me and a friend were installing the well pump and had literally had just finished, when you guessed it, a huge hawk lands on the exact same telephone pole above our heads!

The sign of the hawk

I could not believe it!  I turned to the guy helping me install the pump and asked, “Do you believe in signs?”  He laughed and immediately said, “Nope.”

I laughed and told him how this very thing had happened when we finished drilling the well.

Well, I have no idea what it means, but I take it as a good sign.  And I’m grateful that nature is taking an interest in what we’re doing.

Here are a few more pics from this busy project of drilling the well, building the bathroom, and installing the septic.

Here’s a picture of our awesome well driller Ferron Stokes.

Here’s my friend’s small farm.  I help him out once a week if I can.

More well drilling!

This was a fun project!  We took last year’s stalks and mulched them into what we hope will be a form we can make hempcrete from.  Did you know that hempcrete is said to have an amazing R-value and will last 1,000 years?

More from the farm…

After digging the well, you actually need to trench 5′ deep from the well casing to the property.  This ensures that you are well below the frost line.  We then cut a hole for the pitless adaptor, which connects the water line from the pump (60 feet deep) to the water line that goes from the well casing to the barn.

More trenching.

The bathroom taking shape … in the distance.

Farm life…

This is a pitless adaptor.  Careful NOT to drop it in the well!!!

I was proud to have installed the hydrants myself successfully!

This is from a seed that fell to the ground last Fall.  It’s a beautiful plant and just shows how resilient hemp is!

T-coupler for the hydrant.

Second hydrant.

Farming is where it’s at!  We hope to see you this year on our website at LoganLeaf.com.

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