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This has been a great and busy week! We ran an ad for weeders to try to really tackle our 10 acres. We’ve had a great response! People have come out of the woodwork and have joined us for the last 3 days in hitting some of the thicker parts of our field.

We figure that in another 3-5 days, we should be weed free, just in time to water again! 🙂

It’s also been a busy week for our indoor plants that we’re prepping to put into the field. We will likely keep several Moms in Veg, which means they will not go to flower and will be used for clones in the future. We were also able to go through all our indoor plants and clean them up by cutting them to look like lollipops. Yes, this is called lollipopping. 🙂

The next step indoors is to get these big plants onto tables and in bigger pots. The tables will allow for watering without worrying about overflowing trays on the ground.

Perhaps the most exciting thing we accomplished this week is our new branding. We’ll have more CBD oil in just a week or so!

Stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

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